VIC MIRALLAS - Mas i Mas Festival

Vic Mirallas piano, saxophone and vocals, Enrique Peinado guitar and effects

Vic Mirallas has been in touch with music since childhood. After receiving classical training, he was given a scholarship to study music in Berklee (Boston – the USA) one of the most prestigious schools in the world. It was there that Alejandro Sanz‘s artistic director discovered him and since then he has been touring the world as a saxophonist and chorus in his concerts. Now, he presents his own songs after having collaborated with artists such as Juancho Marqués, Don Patricio, Scandalous Xpósito and Mr. Wilson. He is also composing songs with Alba Reche and Natalia Lacunza from OT 2018. The sound of Vic Mirallas drinks from urban music, pop, electronics and even jazz and has clear influences from artists such as James Blake, Tom Misch, Jamie Cullum , John Mayer or Jacob Collier, among many others