LA SRA. TOMASA & EL COLECTIVO - Mas i Mas Festival

Pau Lobo voice, Santiago Longarón saxophone & voice, Marc Soto drums, Alberto Limiñana bass, Jordi Sanz guitar, Pablo Domínguez percussion and Kquimi Saigi keyboard

El Colectivo: Queralt Lahoz, sr.wilson, desirée diouf, Adala, Juli Giuliani, Marcio Ramírez, Ahyvin Burno, and The Sey sisters.

Sra. Tomasa not only offer a brand of quality music, they are part of an experience spreading energy and fun wherever they go – and there’s even more of that when they join forces with El Colectivo. Together they have launched an idea that began on YouTube under the name “Live Sessions”: a set of audiovisual pieces recorded in sequence and featuring the friends and musicians of El Colectivo. Each member brings their own style and desire to experiment as they break down a song and then reconstruct it with a new sound. Last May, Sra. Tomasa successfully premiered the film La Historia Se Repite: Live Sessions Show on the big screen at Yelmo cinemas in 12 cities Spanish cities. At the Mas i Mas Festival ‘21, you will be able to enjoy this amazing experience at first hand, with music that floods the venue with contagious joy. Covid-19 means it is impossible to project the 360º format at ground level, so this will be the first time Ms. Tomasa and El Colectivo present this experience on stage. A top-class opening for Mas i Mas at the Coliseum!

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