Cloenda Mas i Mas Festival: 50é Aniversari de la Zeleste amb la Barcelona Art Orchestra i Homenatge a Jordi Bonell - Mas i Mas Festival

Cloenda Mas i Mas Festival: 50é Aniversari de la Zeleste amb la Barcelona Art Orchestra i Homenatge a Jordi Bonell

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Toti Soler, Carles Benavent, Joan Albert Amargós, Xavier Batllés, Perico Sambeat and, Carme Canela.

Mas i Mas wanted to dedicate the Closing of its 20th Festival to the 50th Anniversary of the opening of Sala Zeleste and with it, to the birth of one of the most important musical movements in our country: l’Ona Laietana.

On this occasion we will be able to see two special concerts that vindicate the legacy of the Sala Zeleste and the vindication of Layetana music and its musicians as fundamental parts and worthy of recognition within Catalan culture.

Thus, we will have a tribute concert to our beloved guitarist, Jordi Bonell. A project devised by Ramon Olivares and carried out by Victor Cortina in the production and Jordi Gaspar in the musical direction that has great musicians such as Perico Sambeat, Carme Canela, Vicenç Solsona or Dani Pérez, closely linked to the career of a guitarist such as Bonell, who was part of the skeleton of l’Ona Laietana in groups like Música Urbana or Secta Sónica along with Gato Pérez.

The commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Zeleste concludes with ‘Música Laietana’, a monographic concert by the Barcelona Art Orchestra (BAO) together with some of the protagonists of that period: Joan Albert Amargós —who is also director—, Carles Benavent, Toti Soler and Xavier Batlles. Together with the BAO, they will carry out an orchestral review of emblematic pieces of Urban Music, Orquestra Mirasol, Toti Soler, Blay Tritono, Jordi Sabatés, Iceberg and other names from the “celestial era.” ‘Música Laietana’ is a fruitful meeting between several generations. It is also a milestone for the BAO, an orchestra with choral direction —Joan Vidal, Lluc Casares, Lluís Vidal and Néstor Giménez— which was created just over two years ago “to offer —they explain— high-quality performances that, based on jazz and chamber music, explore various musical genres.” A first class closing of Mas i Mas’23.


8:00 p.m. Tribute to Jordi Bonell

Jordi Gaspar bass, musical direction and arrangements, Dani Pérez guitar, Viçenç Solsona guitar. Ramón Olivares percussion, Perico Sambeat sax, Carme Canela voice, Joan Mar Sauqué trumpet, Carles Benavent bass, Joan Vidal drums,


9:00 p.m. Music Laietana by the Barcelona Art Orchestra

Directed by: Joan Albert Amargós. Bass: Carles Benavent. Guitar and voice: Toti Soler. Mandolin: Xavier Batlles. Flute: Anna Pujol. Alto sax, clarinet: Gabriel Amargant. Tenor sax, clarinet: Lluc Casares. Baritone sax, bass clarinet: Jordi Santanach. Trumpets: Joan Mar Sauqué, Álvaro Ocón, Alba Armengou. Horn: Pau Valls. Trombone: Alba Pujals. Violin: Apel les Carod. Cello: Eduard Raventós. Guitar: Viçenç Solsona. Piano and direction: Lluís Vidal. Piano, keyboard and direction: Néstor Gimenez. Double bass, bass: Miquel Casanova. Drums: Joan Vidal. Percussion: Climent Campà.

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